I hurt my knee about two years ago snow boarding.  I went to see a doctor after about 2 weeks deciding my tolerance for pain was quite high and perhaps I actually did something.  He said I should get a MRI.  I didn't because my knee appeared to make a miraculous recovery…and then two years passed. 

All of sudden my knee started to hurt again.  I then took a small spill on the street, ripped my jeans, on the same knee.  I went back to the doctor.  I was really pissed about ripping the jeans.

Had an MRI on Friday morning.  The place, which is located on 11th Avenue between 42/43rd was incredibly efficient and timely.  A huge bonus in the medical world. 

The procedure takes about 25 minutes.  I will get the results on Tuesday from the doctor.  I actually don't think I did anything that bad that a shot of cortisone won't fix but the doctor wasn't buying my diagnosis.  Bummer. 

I will say the whole thing makes me feel quite old.  Will find out the results on Tuesday.

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  1. limabean

    any update? how are you feeling?

  2. gothamgal

    Thanks for asking. Nothing wrong. Just a bruised patella. Dr gave me some anti-inflammatory meds. Knee hurts but in time it will heal. Total drag.