Restaurant 1728

Last night, Fred and I had dinner with some people who were in Paris for a conference.  One of the 3 people grew up in France.  He chose Restaurant 1728 for dinner.   It appeared to be a beautiful dining room but he had booked the upstairs private room.  If ever in need of a private room in Paris, this is not so bad.

The food was delicious and so was the wine.  The meal lasted almost 3 hours.  A tad too long for my taste but there is this leisurely attitude in Paris which can be charming.  One on hand, if you stay somewhere for 3 hours, you can drink a helluva a lot more wine and are never really full.  On the other hand, that is a lot of time. 

We all began with a amuse bouche that was in a very small shot glass.  The bottom was filled with a whipped avacado puree and the top was a spicy red pepper coulis.  Simple, summery and good.  For an appetizer, I went with the sashimi ( only served on Mondays).  Raw tuna and salmon, sliced with soy sauce on the side.  Fresh and simple.  Since I didn’t really know the people at dinner, I didn’t lean over to Fred’s plate and have a bite.  I did think long and hard about not digging in to the person to the right of me.  He had a tuna tartare that was almost blue.  It looked fantastic. 

For the main course, I went with the duck.  The portions were quite small.  A spicy duck breast and a simple duck leg.  On the side were whipped carrots.  Interesting combo. Eventually they brought out the dessert plate and everyone chose one thing.  It was good but not an omigod.  I would have gone with the cheese but that supposedly would have taken too long and one person needed to get on a board call.  After all, how can you pay for the meal with out a few board calls here and there. 

I will cower in the corner while people shoot pellets at me but food in Paris, although excellent, is not any better than NYC.   As a foodie, who truly tries to make each meal delicious, I have found that the food in NYC is the best in the world except for the croissants.  Perhaps one sided, but I think not.

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