Senate races

I go in and out of the desire to raise money for political campaigns.  But, I have come to realize that I must enjoy it on some level because I continue to come back to it.  Raising money for candidates who are running for the Senate is something I really believe to be important.  Bottom line, if the Democrats don’t win the majority of the Senate, with a possible, hopeful Democratic President, nothing will get done. 

A few years ago, Chuck Schumer, recommended that we help out two candidates, Claire McCaskell and Sherrod Brown.  Both, who were successful in their bid for Senator of their states.  I have had the pleasure of keeping up with them and would be happy to raise money for them again.  I believe they are making a change in the Senate. 

This time around, Schumer recommended we help out Kay Nagel of North Carolina and Mark Begich of Alaska.  I met Kay a few weeks ago and hope that with our help, a fundraiser in September, she will beat Elizabeth Dole.  I met Mark Begich this week. 

I was really impressed with Mark.  Listening to him speak about Alaska is inspiring.  His desire to get things done regardless of what side of the table you sit on is impressive.  He became the mayor of Alaska at the young age of 26.  His energy is contagious.  There is no doubt his success in Alaska had to do with his reputation as a consensus builder.  That is exactly what I am hoping happens in the next Administration. 

It is really a privilege to meet the candidates.  It is gratifying knowing that raising money for them will hopefully make change.  I admit, I am not exactly looking forward to the part where you call your friends and try to get them to come to an event and part with some cash to support candidates that might or might not get elected.  But, after the event, it is always rewarding having listened to the candidates and being part of the process.  After all, it is the American process.

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