Sheridan Square

Sheridan Square recently opened on the corner of Seventh Avenue and 10th street.  It is a large space.  On 2533093560_57cb2ac1ae_s
the right is the bar area which has lots of space for drop-ins.  Many high hat tables which I really like.  On the left side of their space is the sit down restaurant with a small kitchen area in the back for prepping.  In the summer, they use the sidewalk for more dining.  They need to be successful with all that space.  For a local neighborhood restaurant, it is expensive but I really like the menu.  Also, the space is inviting.  Simple, modern with large red lamps over head which give the space a little pop.

I went with 2 friends which was a treat.  I began with the crispy squash blossom (which is seasonal).  I took the seasonality of the dish as a good sign that the menu will be constantly changing.  One large squash blossom stuffed with crab meat and avocado, then deep fried.  Very tasty and the crab meat came flowing out the minute I cut into the blossom.  This was served over some red lettuce and a spicy roasted corn salsa and mango chili sauce.  A total winner.  Such a winner that when my second course came, they brought me the same thing again.  Whoops.  They are still working out the kinks.

One of my friends started with a side.  The sides all sound good.  She had the snap peas with black sesame seeds.  Simple and tasty.  My other friend went with the fluke.  Sashimi served with braised hearts of palm with tamarind, yuzu and Indian mustard oil.  An interesting combination of Asian flavors.  It was simple and tasty.

Dinner was also a winner.  I had another starter for a main course.  They brought it very quickly after realizing their error with the squash blossom.  Two large grilled prawns ( really browned which I like) served over a large artichoke heart and a white bean salad with fennel, pieces of arugula and shaved Parmesan.  The beans were soft and tasty with small pieces of shaved parm through out.  Couldn't really taste the fennel but the artichoke heart was a good balance to the shrimp and beans.  Nice.
Someone else has the halibut which was well prepared, crispy skin served over braised vegetables.  My other friend went with the special which was foie gras ravioli and a light soy based sauce.  It was really delicious, cold, but delicious.  This should have been piping hot out of the back but conceptually quite good and well presented.

When we left, I said I might come back tomorrow night with Fred.  We didn't because our plans didn't call for it but I would definitely go back to Sheridan Square.  It is a place that I could easily walk into at 630 and grab a table at the bar.  Like that….and the food too.  If they really want to succeed, in this neighborhood, they should lower their prices about 15-20%.  That would make a huge difference towards a long life.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Alan Wilensky

    Mrs. Wilson! Mrs. Wilson:

    Can we get an inkling about prices at these places when you do these excellent reviews?

  2. gotham gal

    Prices for apps are low teens, prices for mains run from the mid 20’s to high 30’s. A tad high for the neighborhood haunt.

  3. Sneakeater

    Why do you assume that this restaurant, with a very famous Celebrity Chef in the kitchen, is intended to be a “local neighborhood restaurant”?

  4. Nathan

    the prices are comparable to other new restaurants in the hood:

    Commerce, Bar Blanc, Scarpetta. and Robins is a much more well-known chef.

  5. gothamgal

    You are right, I always do talk about the local restaurant. The key to success is making sure people continue to come back. People in the neighborhood tend to come back on a more frequent basis because the restaurant is down the street.
    Sheridan Square is a huge space. Although Commerce, Bar Blanc and Scarpetta have similar price points, they don’t have as much space to fill, rent to pay on a regular night even if Robins is a more well known chef.

  6. eaterboy

    the squash blossom was on the menu year round at the biltmore room as one of his staples, its not seasonal. the restaurant is not set up to be a local neighborhood place. you should read some old reviews of the biltmore room to get an idea of what robins is all about.