thanks and paris apartments

thanks so much for all the comments about everyone’s favorite and can’t miss spots in Paris. 

I found this apartment after spending hours on line.  I zeroed in on Patrick Rech who is an ex-pat living in San Francisco.  His website is called Paris Luxury Rentals.  He has the same thing that most of the sites have but was better priced and you were dealing directly with Patrick instead of an agent.  It made a huge difference.  I’d recommend him.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Judy

    I just love your blogs – you really must write a book. YOu have a great way to communicate what a lot of people care about. I spend a month last year in Venice by myself and I rented apartment. I love great art as you do and I saw it all there. So I so appreciate your love of art and food and life Le Chayim Judy

  2. Patrick

    Thank you for bringing the joy to Paris.