There was a time in our lives when we went to a shit load of weddings.  Now, we seem to be going to bar mitzvahs.  The circle of life.  Next up, 50 year old birthday parties.  Yikes.

We went to a wedding out in Laguna, CA this past weekend.  A large planned event down to every single detail.  Impressive.  Met some new people and saw some old friends.  It was really nice.

Fred and I seriously relaxed.  I am not sure we have relaxed this much in 20 years.  We literally parked ourselves by the pool from 9-5 two days in a row.  It was sheer bliss.  We didn't move.  We didn't even walk down to the beach.  It was a beautiful thing. 

If you feel like going somewhere which is beautiful, Laguna is it.  If you feel like going somewhere where you are seriously pampered like no other, the Laguna Montage is it.  I have never been anywhere that has this type of service.

There are 900 people that work on the premises with 250 rooms.  That says it all, almost.  People come by every half an hour or so to clean your sunglasses, spray your face with Evian, give you orange sections or grapes.  Also, as the sun moves, people come by and move the umbrellas around to block out the sun.  They needed to move my friends chair for maximum shade.  They did not tell her to move.  They literally picked her up while she lounged and moved her accordingly.  We all sat there with our mouths agape. 

Insane, yes.  When I seriously need to recharge my batteries, I am going back.  Laguna Montage is a sweet spot.