and on Sunday…..we rested, sort of

One of Jessica’s best friends is in Paris.  The family lived here for a year and both the parents have spent time working in Paris.  They consider Paris their country home. 

We got together with the Mom and daughter this morning at the open air market right off of Place de Bastille and Richard Lenoir Boulevard.  We were a little out of this morning and ended up being late due to wrong Metro stops.  We hate being late.  Emphasis on hate.  Growing up we learned to always be on time.  My brothers and sisters are also incredibly prompt.  So my tolerance for people who are late, although I am ok now about being 10 minutes, is low. But all was forgotten when we saw them.  Neither had a cell phone so as much as we tried to let them know we were running late, we couldn’t.  I love the BBM.  It is a beautiful thing.   Also, free.  I have been BBM’ing with my best friend in the states and we are keeping a running conversation going.   Not the same thing as hourly phone calls but it works.

The market is huge.  Not the highest end of products but plenty to pick from.  We gathered some lunch and I also picked up some stuff for dinner.  I just pulled out of my purse the handy green market bag and was good to go. 

It was really a nice get together.  They are staying at an apartment on Il St. Louis.  We ate, we talked, we drank.  Then we came back to our neck of the woods, literally downstairs, had a good cup of cafe creme and then went up stairs and passed out.  

A nice long nap was sorely needed.  I got up and made dinner which was a serious effort just to get off the couch.  It is all about the one pot meal here because I only have one oval baking dish.  Carrots, onions, apples, tiny tops of scallion bulbs mixed with olive oil salt and some chicken bouillon water with a pork roast over the top and voila.   Also had some fava beans and artichokes on the side.

I am hanging very low for the rest of the night.  Tomorrow is another day and we have a big week ahead of us.  Emily’s boyfriend comes in tomorrow and I need to get at the airport by 10am.  I am usually sleeping at 10am.