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Tomorrow, we are dropping Emily off in Oxford for a 2 1/2 week adventure.  We are seriously winding down.  I consider it a major achievement that we are still talking to each other.  2 teenagers, one tween and parents in very close quarters in a foreign environment for 5 weeks.  Woah.  Believe me, we have had our moments but all and all, not that we don’t need a major rest from each other, we appear to still have some respect and love for each other.  That in itself, is a major major achievement, believe me.

Today, we got up and the girls wanted to go to In the Park for breakfast.  Supposedly we should get off at the Green Park station.  We had a moment there when Josh and I were concerned we were going on another escapade of finding the perfect spot but Fred, the ultimate neutralizer ( in all his activities ) got us going and we found the place.  It was fantastic.  Glad we found it.  A restaurant, in the middle of St. James Park with a killer breakfast.  A full on English Breakfast– mushrooms, duck eggs, crumpets, blood pudding, sausages, etc.  Delicious.  Our waiter, funny enough, had lived in NYC for 5 years working at Jekyll and Hyde on Seventh Avenue.  He sung the praises of NYC vs London.  Cheaper and more opportunities.  Interesting. 

Fred left us and we all took an hour long walk, swear, over to Satchi Gallery.  Jessica, our leader, clued us in about 45 minutes in to our walk, that she was not a fan of the tube which is why we walked so far.  The Satchi Gallery is closed until October.  UGH!  Josh and I departed to go to Madame Tussuad’s Wax Museum.  After sitting through a play last night for 3 hours, I promised.  We got there, 2 hour line.  Keep in mind, if I had if I had booked it on line we would have waltzed in.  Regardless, Josh looked at the line, looked at me and basically said, NFW.  Couldn’t agree more.  We got back on the tube and went over to Covent Garden where the girls were having tea with one of their teachers.

We got there, Josh became enamored with a magician and I sat down to read the Tribune and do theMagici
crossword.  After it was over, we met Fred at Rock and Sole, a local fish and chips joint, for lunch.  Fish and Chips might be something that I remember fondly but in the end, isn’t that good.  Although, Rowdy Hall in East Hampton does have a killer fish and chips.  It is funny.  NYC has taken certain foods from across the world and fiddled with them to make them better.  Chips would be one of those things.  I don’t dig the big fat chips but love the skinny browned ones they do in the states.  So American, re-inventing and making it better.  Oooh god, that Fish
sounds so awful. 

The girls met up with us and their teacher.  We all said our goodbyes and Fred and Josh went off and I went off with the girls.  On second thought, I went back to our hotel.  I am beat.  I took a shower, blogged and relaxed.  A pleasure.

Tonight we had dinner at Tom’s Kitchen.  I had read about his restaurants over the past couple of years.  I really enjoyed Tom’s Kitchen.  The vibe is great.  Reminds me of San Francisco and Australia.  Big glass windows with a farm feeling yet modern at the same time.  Big black and white photos, a marble bar and just an airy feeling.  We had a curry chicken salad to start in a kitchen glass – not what anyone expected, a artichoke truffle Parmesan salad which was simple and delicious.  Bread even costs money here, 1.50 pounds.  For dinner some of us had the special turbo with a roasted thyme ratatouille, some veggies on the side too.  Spinach and beet root cherry tomato salad. Josh has had it with the food, he went straight for the mac and cheese which was excellent.  Jess had the john dory with basil and cherry tomatoes.  I had pan fried scallops with a browned saffron sauce, chick peas, chorizo and cherry tomatoes.  All good.

The best, dessert.  Josh and Jess ordered the baked Alaska which was filled with a vanilla bean iceBaked
cream.  I also ordered a classic English berry pudding with a dollop of creme fraiche and a chocolate tart with peanut butter ice cream on the side.  Everything was tasty and delicious.  I’d come back again, with no question, if of course I lived in London.

We walked home.  It was really nice.  London is great.  Hopefully will be back sooner than later. 

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  1. Laura

    You know what is so great about this blog of yours – and in my opinion – so very American – you are refreshingly open and honest…you are not writing to please – or to an “audience”…you are just putting it out there. Thank God.

    We lived in London for 6 months (about 3 1/2 years ago) – one tween, one teen – in a teeny tiny flat with two bedrooms and a closet they called a third bedroom- it took us 2 weeks to figure out how to have sex in an apt so small….imagine 5wks X 5. I know of what you speak….and most people never ever admit to it!! I have to say, we’ve only vacationed with our children one other time since then (with no complaints from either child) ….in my book, we had enough “family experiences” in that 6 months to last us all a lifetime…they are now free to learn about the world as my husband and I did – alone or together with friends…not with their parents. After being “tour director” for 6 months straight I have yet to feel the urge to plan a family vacation and frankly, my oldest – now 16, would laugh at the mere suggestion – in fact his wish is for us to leave as often as possible for as long as possible.

  2. Laura

    OH! Couldn’t agree with you more about the Brit “chips” -but maybe the French do them the best in the world …I would take frites over frys any day…

  3. gotham gal

    got a good chuckle on your experiences with kids too. thanks for your comments.