Mondays in Paris are a bit like Sundays.  Not much is open.  It is the perfect day to go to a movie.  Most museums are closed and so are many restaurants and shops.  Think of their weekend as Sunday and Monday.  I do remember the days, as a kid, when on Sundays very little was open.  Of course, now the only time anything is closed is Christmas and Easter day.  Not in Paris, they have not let go of a certain type of life style.  In many ways, refreshing and something I could get used to.

I went out to the airport with Emily in the morning to pick up her friend.  It was so easy.  I wish that NYC had such quick and easy access.  Although you can take the train out there, it is far.  I prefer Newark airport because of where we live.  I’d love to get able to hop on a train and go to Newark.  Our public transportation system needs serious capital.  Perhaps the private sector?

After the airport, we came back in the city and went out for lunch.  Just a small bistro, that happened to be open, on Cherche du Midi.  Emily left me and I wandered by myself.  Josh, Fred and Jessica were at the movies.  It was nice to be alone and just wander around.  Something I do plenty of in the city but haven’t had the chance to do here.

For dinner, we went to Le Severo which is all about the beef.  A tiny restaurant.  The wines are listed on the black board…many of them.  The menu is simple, a variety of different steaks and one veal chop.  We all did steak frites.  The owner, a former butcher, is charming and speaks no English. 

Some of us began with a salad and goat cheese.  A huge piece of cheese, not with that much flavor.  JoshThe gang
and Reuben (Em’s friend) got the jambon.  Sliced French prosciutto with a slab of butter on the side.  Just a little bit of meat before your meat.  The ham was quite good.  Emily ordered best with the tomatoes and mozzarella.  Soft tasty mozzarella and very ripe delicious red tomatoes.

We had 2 bottles of red wine.  One from the Rhone area and the other was a Chateauneuf de Pape.  My favorite is the latter. 

Fred and I went for one of the supposed best steak (it would only be the price being the highest where I came to that conclusion) and the kids went for the “faux” steak.  Who knows.  The owner tried to show us the location of each of the steaks on his body.  It was quite hilarious.  The steaks came perfectly done with crispy fries on the side which were the size of your finger.  Not much of a different between the “faux” and ours but 3 euros.

Le Severo is very french and worth going.  I really liked it.  The steaks are good, not Peter Luger by a long shot or The Strip House, but it is very Parisian.

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