Out we trucked out to the Hippidrome that is located at Bois de Boulogne .  It is a race track.  The park is huge with hookers and transvestites at every other tree.  Actually we felt quite at home watching them through the bus windows.

We took the metro to the bus.  Quite the shlep.  Once we got there, there was a line that was about an hour and a half long.  Who knew?  We got to the venue at 915 to see Vampire Weekend at 10.  Based on the line, didn’t seem like we were going to see the band.

Leave it to Jessica, master of the universe.  She left us in line and took Josh.  They went to four areas that were entrances for possible VIPs.  She finally finds a woman who speaks english.  She tells her that we are from NYC and we don’t understand the language and want to get in.  Can she help us?  Yes.  Come in now.  Jess calls me and says to get out of line and come to the front and we do.  We are in.  But, not completely.

Now there is another line to check the bags.  As someone who has been to many of these events, this oneVampire
is not run very well.  Lucky for us is that Vampire Weekend was playing in the first tent to the right after entering.  We got in after the second song.

Jess and Josh went directly to the front.  Fred, Em and I were to the right of stage and pretty close.  They were fantastic.

The show ended and we left.  Truly we were not that familiar with most of the bands playing. I am pretty sure that Fred and I were the oldest people there.  I’d say the event, Solidays, which is raising money for AIDs was packed to the brim…maybe between 10 and 20000 people there.  Wall to wall people with rides, food and tons of tents. 

A fun night and an interesting peek into the youth of France.  They love to smoke and drink.  Guess there are somethings that are universal.

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