Too much luggage?

We each came to Paris with a large rolling bag and a small rolling bag that can actually be taken on the plane.  We checked everything.  10 bags.  The bags we have are fantastic.  I became a fan of Ebags years ago.   They took all the things you love about luggage and piled them in to their own product.  The bag comes in small, medium and large.  We have 5 large and 5 smalls of the bag in the picture.

I actually did not over pack, the girls did.  It has been so cold here that I wish I had brought more sweaters.  I brought shorts and summer dresses that I never put on because of the weather.  Who knew. 

We are going to London on Sunday morning, by train, and although it would be comical to watch all of us attempt to get our 2 rolling bags and our carry on bag on to the train, individually, it would be insane.  So, I decided we should ship one bag per person back to make life easier.  Mostly dirty laundry and dry cleaning .

I called Fedexp and got a price.  I also talked to Luggage Forward, a company that does it for you by using companies such as DHL and Fedexp.  The price, was basically the same, so why take it on myself.

You need a few days in advance for Luggage Forward because they send you all the paperwork.  I got the paperwork from Boston, DHL, overnight at an office that Fred has used for signature papers, etc.  You have to fill out a bunch of stuff on line such as sending them a photo of your passport (thank god for digital cameras and jpegs) and of course, thanks to the insanity of our Government in the post 9/11 world, we had to detail everything in the bags.  Think camp bags or dry cleaning in a hotel.  All I wanted to do was scream…it is just dirty laundry for gods sake.  The terrorists would not be shipping bags thru Fedexp.  Call me crazy.

Anyway, I got my paperwork.  The window was 3-5 today.  I waited around and they were here by 430. They came and they were thrilled that I had all the paperwork done, and off our bags left.

As I do ship luggage during March break for skiing, I will definitely use Luggage Forward again.  Great customer service that makes life easier, at least for me.