Winding down..

Arc de triomphe
The boys and girls split up today.  Boys hit up a science type museum and a movie.  The girls went shopping.  Shock. 

We had a list of places to see before we left.  Most of them in the sixth and a few in the first.  The Montaigne Market was the last one near the Arc de Triomphe.  After the stores and lunching at Avenue, we walked over.  Took a picture, took in the views and went on.

Avenue, is one of the restaurants owned by the same people who also own Cafe Marly, George and Hotel Costes.  The menus are relatively the same.  Very chic and pretty good food.  It is like going to Fred’s at Barneys for lunch.  Have yet to go to any of them for dinner. 

We actually attempted to go to a candy store in the 9th that was closed for holiday.  A l’Etoile d’Or is the name.  Emily is candy, chocolate girl.  She also has read all the highlights on David Lebovitz’s blog which is a must read if you are going to Paris.  This is the time of the year when you can actually feel the city thinning.  Less people.  By August 1st, many restaurants are closed.

This week, we are hitting up some great restaurants.  Tonight, L’Astrance. 

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