It rained…

And then it rained and rained and rained.  I feel like a wet rag and am cold
to the bone.  It is a bit depressing considering it is August.  I'd put the
high of 55 in Edinburgh.

After breakfast at the hotel, we walked up the Royal Mile.  People promoting their
show of the day.  It is quite cool.  You get an opportunity to speak with
the actors and listen to what they say about their acts.  Then of course, decide if this is something you want to see.

We kept moving onward towards the castle.  We didn't go inside but walked
around the grounds.  We are seriously just chilling this trip.  Nothing
touristy, just seeing the shows and walking the city.

We opted to walk back down and go to the Balmoral Hotel to check it out and
have a spot of tea.  Warmed up a bit and then head back out into the rain.
We were going to see one performance but once we realized it was outside,
that was a big pass.  Instead, we went to lunch.

Spoon is located right off the mile on Blackfriars Street.  Simple good food.  I had a pork belly and
bean soup that was delicious.  Mostly broth with pieces of potato, carrots,
turnips, some beans and pork.  Fred went with the mozzarella, tomato, basil
focaccia and Josh did the pastrami and sauerkraut.  Just simple good food. 

We left and walked over to a improv comedy show that is put on every day
from 3-4.  The group is called the Oxford Imps.  They were quite good.
Audience yelled out words based on what the MC asked us to do.  They were
funny and engaging and clever.  An hour later, we were done.  Perfect. 

Jessica's play was next.  They were reviewed today in the Mirror and got
four stars.  The play was sold out which was very cool.  We have seen the
performance before but they definitely ratched it up a notch since then.

Tonight, group dinner with all the performers from the school and parents
who happen to be here supporting the group.

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