Joe Biden

 We are a household of political junkies.  The saying of the weekend is "did you hear, Joe Biden is the VP pick".  We have been at it since Friday night.  You have to be here but it is pretty funny.

Personally, I have always been a fan of Joe Biden.  He has no problem speaking up and saying what people might be thinking.  He doesn't play politics too well but he has been in the political forum for years.  That says a lot. 

The Hilary supporters don't understand why not Hilary?  Playing the feminist card is not the issue.  The issue is Hilary ran a campaign that should have been run 8 years ago.  In essence, she ran a bad campaign.  She also couldn't keep her husband in check.  Bill was not an asset on her campaign trail.  If she could have shipped him off for the entire campaign proving that she is running the show then maybe the outcome would have been different.  This campaign was hers to lose. 

I also believe that is Hilary had lost the campaign to Obama while keeping Bill as the supportive spouse not the meddling spouse, she would have been the VP pick.  Who needs to be President with a past President whispering constantly into the VP's ear. 

Obama has run an incredible campaign.  He will probably start to pick up speed again starting tonight.  His campaign is methodical.  If you look at the beginning to now he has had crescendos and then went flat and then crescendo-ed again.  Almost like a well run business that sits back and evaluates from time to time while they are not gaining altitude. 

Picking Hilary would have been interference that he did not need.  The key is getting her to be supportive and give her a role that she can really sink her teeth into and make her a key player.  I'd love to see Obama announce this week that Hilary will be the head of something and part of his cabinet.  It will make her and her base happy and allow her the ability to shine. 

She needs to have that regardless of whether you like Hilary or not.  After all, this is politics. 

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  1. jersey girl

    so why is everyone picking on Bill exactly? Despite monica-gate, he was one of the most successful presidents with both foreign relationships and with the economics at home. his whispering is probably worth more than what Joe B. could ever provide? Remember we didn’t have the problem with gas, oil, mortgage and we didn’t have a defecit?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Bill is all about Bill. He was a successful President, no doubt, but hisbehavior during Hilary’s campaign is one of the things that truly hurt her.

  2. Gerry

    Hillary has two l’s.

    1. Gotham Gal

      My bad. Thanks.