Last Day in Edinburgh

Josh and I woke up and ordered in room service.  Totally extravagant but worth every penny.  We had tickets to 3 plays today and it was pouring, again.

We began at Potted Potter which is a 70 minute farce of 2 guys going through every Harry Potter book.  Cute and a little too childish for both of us.  I thought Josh would love it because he loved the Potter books.  Also, the books were written here but alas, it was just okay.

After leaving, we walked through town and back over to Harvey Nichols to have lunch.  The top of the store has glass windows that look over St. Andrews Square and the city.  Really beautiful views.  Modern room.  Chic.  Has a pretty good lunch too.  Josh has the pork belly that had been seared and served over egg noodles and bok choy in a Asian sauce.  I went with a vegetable galette.  I liked how they served it.  A disc of crust.  Under and around the disc was a hearty tomato sauce.  On the crust was a slice of roasted egg plant under melted mozzarella, a tiny handful of arugula and shaved Parmesan coated with a balsamic vinegar.  Really tasty.  We thought about getting some food for the plane tomorrow but nothing was for take away.

We walked over to see our next play, Vincent.  Written by Leonard Nimoy.  The play takes place a weekJosh
after Van Gogh's death.  His brother, Theo, is telling the story of his brother to friends and colleagues.  One actor.  Very well done.  I did not realize that Van Gogh painted 200 paintings the last year of his life and actually painted 100 in the last 70 with 20 drawings too.  Pretty amazing.  Theo, his brother, was his biggest supporter.  He had only sold one piece upon his death.  Theo, died six months after his brother died.  All historical, well acted and only an hour.

Josh and I walked past Marks and Spencer on the way back to the hotel.  There is a food court so we figured we would try and get food for the plane.  Can't vouch for anything but at least we have something.  Some of the food is just strange with weird combos.  Like a tuna salad with green olives and pimentos or a heavy on the mayonnaise chicken salad with grapes in a club sandwich style.  We'll find out tomorrow how everything is. 

Next play, was Jess's last performance.  It was sold out with 10 people sitting on the floor in the back.  So, over sold.  They all really stepped it up a notch tonight.  Quite impressive. 

Josh and I went back to the hotel, had a burger and a beer and went up stairs.  Tomorrow, our driver picks up at 4:15 AM.  Insane.  We have to connect with Emily and Fred's flight in London.  Fred came along later in the game and London came even later in the game.  If I knew, believe me, taking a 615 am flight out of Edinburgh to hook up with Em at Heathrow.  Getting up at 4:15 AM would not have been top on my list.  Also, if Jess's play was in the afternoon vs 715, I would have had us go to London tonight.  Nothing is every perfect.

Alas, we will all be cranky together.  Really looking forward to going home, chilling and taking in some sun.  A very well traveled summer but it is time to sleep in our own beds for an extended period of time.

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