The Spotted Pig

The Spotted Pig has become our local haunt.  Unfortunately, we have to be very strategic about getting in.  Lunch is never a problem and dinner as long as you are there by 630.  Also, good to have Josh with you.  They recognize him as a local who dines their often.  I find it hilarious considering I probably dine there more often than him but I guess I must blend in with the crowd vs. a kid.  Josh loves it.

I have yet to have a bad meal there.  Why is it is so damn good?   I have probably tried everything on the menu over the past year.  Some old favorites leave and then they return and once in awhile something new turns up which I try.  The burger, is hands down the best but I generally go with something else.

There have been a handful of restaurants over the years where I couldn't count the amount of times I went there.  Spotted Pig might reign supreme.  The food is fantastic and I love that it is down the street.  Can't say I love the lines but the food is just so damn good. 

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  1. ellen

    I am a little confused. Did you come home and then fly back to Europe? Did you have dinner in Scotland and when you flew back to the States did you gain the time and actually have dinner on the same date in New York?

    There is something wrong with my feedblitz notification as to when you have posted. For some reason my feedblitz is not working.

  2. gothamgal

    We are still in Edinburgh. Just can’t stop thinking about the Spotted Pig. Really love that place.

  3. clay

    Fatty Crab is much better! Try Kampuchea on Rivington and Allen if you like Fatty Crab like I do…

  4. PGuy

    I couldn’t agree more. A friend started taking me to The Spotted Pig last fall when I was visiting, and then I started making a point to go whenever I was in town. Now that I’ve moved to NYC, TSP is one of my regular stops. Truthfully, I go there for the people more than the food, and have NEVER had a bad time there. Friendly people, a nice ambiance, and Magners on ice…perfect. Oh yeah, and I love the shoestring fries with dijon mustard.