9/11 will never be a memory that fades away.  At least for me.  Time certainly heals all wounds but considering there is still a gaping hole in lower Manhattan, it must be a constant source of pain for anyone that walks by that on a daily basis.  I always pause when I walk by the hole.  The hole that once contained the World Trade Towers and the people that worked there.  How could I not pause?

Every event (not 9/11 related) that happens in NYC today never fails to mention that we know it is 9/11 but….  I couldn't agree more.  We should think of the future and not of the past.  If we do,  then we have lost and our enemies of freedom have won. 

Yet today, all the memories of the day, watching the towers burn, watching the plane literally smash into the one of the towers, watching people walk through the streets covered in soot, watching and hearing the fear in my children's faces and voices, waiting to hear about the survivors, knowing that our lives have changed forever immediately brings a rush of tears to my eyes. 

I imagine that this day will forever trigger that feeling of sadness in my entire body.  We have moved on but it is important to take a moment if just a moment to pause and recall and remember not only what happened but how that one terrible event has forever changed the landscape of our country.