Alaskan anti-Palin protest

My friend sent me some pictures of an anti-Palin/McCain protest in Alaska.  Some great posters.  From one picture it appears to be a pretty big turnout considering it isn't a heavily populated area.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. kenberger

    Phenomenal post! Your friend found something very insightful.Sorry didn’t get a chance to meet you after Fred’s speech yesterday.

  2. SamDee

    WOW,They must have brought in out of state Left Wing Radicals to assemble this many kooks in one place. These people know nothing of what they speak. Another example of ambush hyperbole. Laughable at best. Look at the PBS NOW poll to see how many basically Liberals think Sara Palin is able to be a VP of The US.samD

  3. Mia

    Uh….yeah. Looks like an extremely…cough, cough…intelligent (snicker) bunch of people. They did really good! Of course, we in the lower 48 never heard about it, because no one reads USA Today or US Weekly or Parade Magazine in the lower 48, unless you have to wait in your dentist’s office for too long. Really like the woman with the sign that reads, “Great performance (SP) but we’re not that stupid!” Maybe someone should tell her she actually spelled “performance” correctly. Maybe it would boost her self esteem and she would stop hanging around with morons.

  4. Swing Trading

    Interesting post. I have stumbled and twittered this for my friends. Hope others find it as interesting as I did.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks. It becomes even more interesting over time.