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I have perused all the social book sites.  None of them have turned me on.  I have taken time out to put my lists in but when I return to try and find other books to read I always come away with nothing.  Still looking for the perfect book site and I believe it ended up on my email box.

Peter, who reads my blog, sent me his book site called Flashlight Worthy.  First off, I love the name.  Second of all, I got it immediately.  The lists are pretty basic.  The site is eye popping and easy to navigate.  I found a bunch of books that I might read in less than a minute.  So, I have posted my list to the site under Gotham Gal.

You could probably find these type of lists on Amazon which all the books link to but it isn't the same because on Amazon the lists either pop up based on the page you are on or you have to find them.  I also like that the site is new and the possibilities are endless. 

I'd like to see that if I post a "best Cookbooks" list.  Flashlight Worthy figures out that out of all their cookbook lists that one book is constant on every list.  Then a list is created under the cooking area that would say "most recommended among our users cookbooks".  I am always looking for the awards lists of each year, Booker, Pulitzer, Edward, etc.  It is easy for Flashlight Worthy to post that list and easy to find it on the site.  There is one book group that already posted their list.  If you are in a book group and you like it, you could use the list. 

Post your lists, check it out.  No heavy duty social networking just good lists.  After all, I am a girl who is all about the list. 

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  1. Eric M.

    hi GG — Eric here, Peter’s business partner– thanks so much for this terrific mention! this is such a nice thing to read.we’re always open to any anyone (book clubs, bloggers or individuals) who want to send us a list…. our goal is to be the best place to go to help solve that age-old quandry, “how can I find good book that I’d enjoy?”glad you like the site and thanks again for your list. ;-)bestEric

  2. chefbikram

    Have you read Three Cups of Tea? Probably you have, but if not, I think you’d really like it.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Have it by my bed. Will absolutely read

  3. chefbikram

    Just clicked through t the flashlight site. Love it. Sent it to my mom who is an avid reader. and I like that you contrasted the approach to Amazon. I find Amazon not as helpful in this arena. Thanks GG

  4. Banet

    Wow. Thanks so much for the kind and flattering write-up. Eric and I are blushing.I encourage your readers to check out the site, and don’t be shy about dropping me a list of their own at [email protected]. And not just lists of “favorites”. If you look around you’ll see that we have all sort of unusual lists.Finally, while we’re dedicated to keeping the site drop-dead simple, we have more features coming. Your idea — about lists of what titles are popular within specific categories — is a great one. Once we bulk up on lists we’ll roll it out.Thanks again, and keep the lists coming.Peterhttp://www.FlashlightWorthy…Books so good, they’ll keep you up past your bedtime. 😉

  5. Shelley

    That is a cool site that I’m going to read further. I’ve browsed your book recommendations over the months and read some. I’m curious if you’ve read “Unless” by Carol Shields. I picked it up this summer with a stack of others and finally starting reading it last weekend. It is SO good that I am stunned. The writing itself is outstanding. and the story is gripping. I’m only halfway through. Today I went online to research the author and found out that this was her last book before dying of breast cancer in 2003. Sad.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Will check it out. I read the Stone Diaries years ago and that wasfantastic.

  6. RacerRick

    Hey GG-I made a “twitter bot” for books. It hasn’t really taken off, but I hope that people will twitter their favorite books to @booktweets.If we could get some more traction, I’d make a site that archives all the books in one spot.