Getting out of town..

I spent Thursday and Friday driving around with Jessica looking at colleges.  Always fun to hang out with her one on one and certainly interesting seeing all the colleges/universities.  A first time to many of them for me too. 

Both of us have been in sync with our thoughts and comfort level at each place.  Bottom line is you want to see other kids around that from afar look like you can connect with them.  Each school will provide a good and broad education but it is more about how you will fit into the place.  For instance, we were at one place where a very hipster guy was walking across the lawn.  He had on straight jeans, a frumpy sport coat, longish hair and a cool hat with a guitar in hand.  Jessica turned to me and said, you don't see guys like that at a different place she decided wasn't for her.  I got it immediately. 

The other thing that is interesting is just getting out of town.  As the elections become the background noise daily, getting out of our own private Idaho (NYC) is just eye opening.  Not that we drove that far but the island of Manhattan might be my reality but it isn't the majority of this countries reality.

Between the hotels, the breakfast places and walking through Shoprite for something to eat before getting back on the road, all I could think of was "who are these people going to vote for".  How is the melt down of our country affecting these people.  What are they looking for in leadership in the candidates of choice.  Are they voting on one issue or a broader picture?  Are they conservative or liberal?  I could go on and on.

I guess I could think the same thoughts walking through the streets of Manhattan but the vibe, the look the whole picture is very different.  As I have had the opportunity years ago to spend time in every state in this country, except Alaska, each state takes on a completely different tone.  It is great that each candidate has spent time everywhere.  It has got to be eye opening. 

Glad we went, glad we saw.  It's good to get out of town once in awhile.