Isca Greenfield-Sanders

We own a piece of Isca's work and a piece of her husband's, Sebastian Blanck, as well.  Two seriously talented individuals who happen to be wonderful people.  Isca had an opening tonight at Goff + Rosenthal to show her new work.  Fantastic.  No surprises there. 

She took old photos from the Congressional archives and created paintings, drawings and watercolors.  She scans the slides and then digitally manipulates them.  Each is transfered on to rice paper and then she takes this to another level based on what medium she is using. 

I really liked the subtle reference to war with the Isca
parachute photos she picked.  Obviously out of a different
era but war is war. 

I bought a drawing.  I always love the hand drawings.  Simple and beautiful.  If you are in the 23rd Street area of the art district of Chelsea, absolutely stop by.  The work is striking.