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 Last spring, I bumped into someone I knew at breakfast.  He had moved out to San Francisco with his family a few years ago.  He was singing the praises to me.  How I should come out to San Francisco more often, that it is such a wonderful way of life, that his kids are so happy running around on the yard, etc. 

They not really move to San Francisco because I think of San Francisco as the city. They settled in Marin County which are the suburbs of San Francisco.  I was giving him a hard time about that.  I assured him that we love NYC and were not going anywhere, ever.  He came back that he was going to send me pictures of his happy kids.  I said I'd send him pictures of my kids in front of garbage happier than a clam.

I love how people who leave this town feel the need to brag about their new life style.  Granted, NYC is not for everyone – and neither is Marin County – but I thought about the conversation I had at breakfast that day when I took this picture of Josh and his friend.  Sitting in front of our place, on our scooters, hanging out and in front of tomorrows garbage pick up before going up to a concert in Central Park.  They look pretty damn happy.  I particularly like Josh's tshirt that sort of defines it for him "NYC AM I".

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  1. seth goldstein

    Dear Gotham Gal,My wife and our two boys here in Mill Valley, Marin just finished a hour long hike through the redwoods, followed by some yoga meditation, and then a vegan slow-food raw breakfast with sprouts and whole grains; all complete before getting on the eco-friendly green school bus. No trash to speak of, as the worms digest all of our compost!; )-s

  2. ellen

    obviously, there is a reason your blog is titled the “gotham gal” not the “I left my heart in San Francisco blog..” Personally, neither you nor Shakes would like to live in my city since the restaurants close early and the only place you can take a hike is on a country club’s golf course, but I am comfortable and probably will be here for a very long time.

  3. Mary Hand

    Dear Gotham Gal, I respect everyone’s loyalty to the city in which they live…now. However, while I do enjoy living in Ontario’s wine country, it’s a million miles away from NYC (ok, 500 miles). I lived in Manhattan & Hoboken for 7 years & to this day (5 years back in Canada) I MISS MANHATTAN! there is NO place like it on earth & perhaps it’s not for everyone, but it certainly welcomes everyone & has something for everyone. I make a point to visit at least once a year for my NYC “fix”.

  4. Cindy

    Hey! I’m really interested in moving to NYC. I’ve applied for a bunch of jobs out there with no luck. I have a college degree and am a smart girl, but several people have told me that employers will only consider you if you live in the area. Any suggestions?