Lure opened in Soho in the fall of 1999.  We were living at the Mercer Hotel for six weeks when we returned to the city with 3 kids in tow.  Let's say it was probably one of the more stressful yet exhilarating times of our life.  We ate out nightly except on the weekend when we would return to our house in the suburbs where we had spent the last 5 years of our life.  It was a strange time.

We watched the doors open at Lure Fishbar.  We were thrilled.  Another place to have dinner and Lure was located across the street from the Mercer.  Perfect.  At this point, Lure had a bit of a different menu.  It might not have been called Lure now that I recall.  Ha.  But, I do remember the sushi and the fish and for some reason a side order of macaroni and cheese that Josh was loving.  The place just opened and there are always the kinks.  Fred and I returned a few times for something to eat at the bar but were never blown away.

Then came the fire.  The restaurant closed down after a fire.  I had not return until some friends raved about the restaurant.  Last night, we went back.  They were right. 

Generally after we go to an event at the High School such as last night's curriculum evening, we generally attempt to get a seat at Aquagrill.  I might have to walk just a tad farther over to Lure going forward.

It was late so we didn't eat a lot but what we did have was tasty.  First off, I began with a martini.  Perfect glasses.  They almost turn in at the top which makes it nice for no spilling.  For the food, I began with the grilled octopus salad.  Small pieces of large octopus mixed with some arugula, roasted cherry tomatoes and a simple vinaigrette.  Really nice.  I also had the yellow tail carpaccio.  Delicious fresh pieces of yellow sliced and layered over each other with a sauce.  Could have done with out the sauce but the pieces of yellow tail were perfect.   Had a piece of uni, my dessert. Yum. My friend went with the whole cooked branzino which was served already boned yet appeared not to be which is a nice way to serve it.  A whole fish with no bones.  What a concept.  Very tasty.  Fred loved the oysters and his sushi.  There was also a tempura shrimp with a spicy sauce that I had a taste of.  Everything was good and looking around at the other diners, their plates looked beautiful too.  I liked the menu mixed in with the option of just sushi if you want.

Although Lure has been around for many years and through a transition or two, I feel like I found a new spot.