Nengmyun is a Korean cold beef broth soup.  I had lunch today with Rick and he wanted to take me somewhere adventurous. 

The area in the West 30's is filled with Korean restaurants (5th avenue to Broadway). We went to Wonjo by default.  The restaurant IMG00054
Rick generally frequents was closed for renovation.  They reopen next week and the owner, who happened to be in front while construction was going on told us to go to Wonjo.  He said it was very good and he was friends with the owner.  Love that.

My only issues with Korean food is everything is laden with garlic.  You can't even get a simple piece of fish with out it.  There were some beautiful large whole mackerels coming out of the kitchen but when we asked if they could do it without garlic, the waiter laughed.  That sort of sums up Korean food.  Everything looked interesting and well prepared but garlic just doesn't sit well with me.

The soup is really weird but interesting and probably perfect on a serious hot summer's day.  It comes in a silver bowl.  Like a bowl that you would use for cooking.  The soup has a grey color to it.  Filled with thin grey noodles, boiled cabbage, thinly sliced apples, half a boiled egg and dried beef.  The broth is cold and exists on the edge of savory and sweet. Strange stuff. 

I wouldn't say I loved it but I am glad I had it.  Would have never ordered it myself in a million years or even discovered it.  Always fun to go somewhere to eat where the food is completely out of your element with someone who can order for you.  A treat.