New parents night

Every year, at our school as I am sure most private schools around the city, the Chairman of the Board has an event to welcome all the new parents.  It is a really nice way to kick off the year.  It is always a hoot talking to the new parents particularly the kids who are entering the school with a four year old or kindergartner.  More and more, maybe it is age, but everyone seems to look the same age.  It is truly hard to tell how old people are unless it is apparent how young they are.  I have to say, I am so glad that I am not going through the baby/toddler/young kid stage.

Now, I am in the college stage.  What is interesting about this stage is the questions that arise.  Specifically what colleges is Jessica looking at and where does she want to go?  Although it is the obvious question, it is a question that I never really answer.  I say she is looking a lot of places and a few have been really interesting and thinks that she might want to apply early admission to one place but I never name the place. 

I know people are being nice and making conversation but some people want to know basically how smart is your kid.  The question should be, how is the process going? At times, I feel like saying she is applying to Summit Community College (if there is a place) but I bite my tongue although the look someone's face would be priceless.  Although if that was the right place for her, who'd care?

Perhaps the constant asking from people, who always ask my daughter, Jessica, where are you looking and where do you want to go puts these kids under a total other level of stress to think they have to perform.  Where Jessica goes is her decision, what she wants to with her life is based on what she wants to do, where she chooses to end up or apply is based on what she has assessed for herself.  Sure, we will give her advice, but this is a decision that she needs to make and live with. 

I give her credit.  She has done the research, made the appointments, figured out who to go see, written the essay ( I haven't even read it ), figured out the tests she needs to take and booked them, even figured out some tutors that might help her for the last push the last month or so and is working towards the finish line.  We have been supportive but she has taken the ball and is running with it, as she should. 

If she wants to tell people where she is looking, that is up to her, not for me to answer.