New york gets smaller

Maybe it is age, maybe it is timing, maybe it just is but I have found that in the last few months the one degree of separation has rocked my world. 

Yesterday afternoon we went to see David Buckingham's first New York show.  I bought a piece of his work for Fred (our 20th wedding anniversary) last year.  It couldn't have been more perfect.  Buckingham works in metals and then takes sayings from movies and creates pieces of art around them.  I bought a piece that said "me love you long time" which is a quote from Full Metal Jacket.  The saying was perfect although completely out of context since the scene in the movie is where the local Vietnam prostitutes are hitting on GI's saying "hey soldier, me love you long time".  But I also loved that the piece was in metal and the saying came from Full Metal Jacket.  There were then the connections.  My sister-in-law knew David when he worked in the advertising business.  One of her best friends knew David really well and while I bought the piece my sister-in-law called her friend.  Then yesterday, we go to the show and Jessica's friend's Mom is there who went to college with David.  We walk inside and the guy who works with Josh teaching him to write computer code is there and is building David's and David's wife's website.  Small small world. 

David's show was great.  More pieces with more sayings.  Just clever.  A black piece that just says "The End" in white.  A huge gun, letters that say WHAP, sayings from a porn movie and two quotes one from Taxi Driver and one All Good Men which is the picture.  Really like David's work.  Hope the show was a success.

After, we make our way over to Werkstatte Gallery to see Sebastian Blanck's new work.  We already ownSebas
two pieces and his new work is awesome. Total cut-outs.  Every single piece on the work is cut out so the checkered shirt is tiny little pieces of different colored canvas. There are small pieces and large pieces. These are photos of the small ones that we bought.  I saw it on Friday but wanted Fred to come back with me and take a look before I bought 2 pieces.  The woman who owns the gallery used to work at a store that I used to frequent, she dates one of the guys in Sebastian's band, Sebastian is married to Iska ( we own her work too ) and they are good buddies with Casey Cook who used to teach art to our kids and lives in NC now making art and making music and the kid who is going to teach Josh drums this year played with Sebastian all summer.  It ends up that Alexis, who owns the gallery, grew up with Michael Lieberman who owns a gallery with his wife, Jesse (Harris Lieberman Gallery) and we figured that out when we were discussing politics because I am going to do a fund raiser for Christine Quinn at the Harris Lieberman Gallery this fall.  Alexis, a die hard Democrat, grew up going to fund raisers with Michael and his family when she was a little kid.  Sebastian didn't even know that and he knows Michael and Jesse.

Fabulous work (and people) in a small small world. 

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