Pickle Day

Pickle day
Today was Pickle Day.  Where else but on Orchard Street.  The block on Orchard between Broome and Grand was closed off.  This was a true street fair because the vendors were all local.  Of course, Rick of Rick's Picks was there giving out tastes, selling t-shirts (Fred got a Mean Beans t-shirt) and selling their savory condiments. 

Fred and I went down there without the kids.  The kids all had work to do and it is so hot today, I don't blame them.  Hot and humid.  Tons of sweaty people with a sweet smell of brine in the air.  But it was fun. 

I happened to meet the original owner of Gus' pickles who told me that the pickle consumption is on the rise.  Glad to hear it.  He was a hoot and so wasPickles
his wife.  He started talking to me in a store I wandered in to to get Emily a pair of tights. One of the last hold outs on Orchard Street which used to be full of tiny wholesale stores.  I had on my Rick's Picks t-shirt which is why Gus started talking to me. 

Looked like a good day for Rick.  The place was packed.  Tomorrow he is on Martha Stewart's first show of the season.  Should be fun to watch.  

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