Rag and Bone

The last week I have been making my way around downtown.  Seeing what's going on around town.  Who has closed, who has opened, what streets have spaces available, etc.  I have seen models walking around everywhere….as fashion week is upon us.

Today, we had tickets to see the Rag and Bone show.  It was at Pier 94.  I went with Jessica and Emily. 

I have always loved fashion but my girls seriously take it to another level.  They know a helluva more than I knew at their age.  They know the models, the designers, the buyers, the editors, etc.  If you spend enough time on the Internet it is incredible what information you can gather.  So, going to the show today was a hit out of of the ball field…for me too.

We had standing tickets.  We literally stood at the front right where everyone entered so our spot could not have been more perfect unless of course if we were sitting vs. standing on our high heels.  At one point I think I lost circulation in my toes.  Watching the people come in could have been the best part of the show.  Serious style from the bags, the shoes, the hair, the whole shebang.  Really great stuff.  When Charlize Theron walked in it was wild.  She was surrounded by photographers and press.  She finally sat down and then 2 body guards blocked everyones views.  Gotta say, doesn't seem like a way to live your public life. 

The show had a lot of top models which is a score for the company.  The show was really well done.  Simple in an urban setting and unpolished which could define the line.  It was the spring 2009 line shown today.  Lots of zippers, lots of thin leather and everything is skin tight body hugging and short.  All the mens pants are ankle length if that.  Thom Browne is either making a serious impact or the line defines the economy.  Small and tight. 

It was fun walking out and hearing all the conversation.  A real NY scene.  What can I say, I loved it.

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