Senate Hopefuls

I am hopeful that the Democrats will take over the White House.  Getting work done in a Democratic White House needs a Democratic Senate.  Fred and I have been supportive of senators over the years that Chuck Schumer has pointed us in the direction of because they need cash to get them over the finish line

This year, we were supposed to have a fundraiser for Kay Hagan of North Images-2
Caroline and Mark Begich of Alaska.  Unfortunately, High School curriculum night called and rescheduling for an event like this is not so easy.  Regardless of not being able to have the event, we still gave as much as we could and are hoping to raise them cash.  At the end of the day, it is all about the cash.  God I hope that changes one day but as of now it is a reality.

Every little bit helps.  If you support Obama, and believe me we do, then it is important to support the hopeful Democratic Senators around the country.  Obama has serious work to do and without a Democratic majority, it will be much more difficult.  Although I actually believe that Obama is going to attempt to unite a very divided Washington and find common ground, it will be a very long process looking at the animosity he is being left with. 

Here is the form to contribute If you can, please give.  Both candidates are strong.  Mark Begich must be reeling from the Palin nomination as he is a very grounded individual who is all about finding common ground. 




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