A beautiful weekend

The weather could not be more perfect this weekend.  We are out on the east end of Long Island relaxing.  Activities are minimal.  Apple picking, movies and just being outside.  It is always a treat to come out to the beach when there are no summer crowds. 

Emily is on her way out today with a friend.  She had tickets for MGMT and Beck last night so she couldn't come until today.  Jessica saw Of Montreal last night in town and unfortunately will not be coming out due to lots of work.  Josh, on the other hand, brought a friend and is still at the age where he actually has to come with us.  It is really nice to see everyone grow up and become their own person but on the other hand the teens are a very strange time as everyone attempts to mark their stake in the ground.  Lots of hormones running through the house.

It is great to be out here away from the insanity of the world.  Somehow out at the beach we feel secluded from reality.  Not bad for a day or two.  Who knows where everything will end up.  The entire world has been revalued over 2 weeks time.  Where those valuations end up based on where you live no one knows. 

Today, we will stick to enjoying annual events like picking apples and baking pies.  Comfort. 

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