Ben Kweller

 Bowery Ballroom might be my favorite venue in NYC.  It could be the bar area and it could be the small private sitting areas on the second floor where the music plays but I think it is just the intimacy and the grit of the whole place.

Ben Kweller played the Bowery on Friday night.  This might be the 5th time I have seen him play live.  He just gets better and better.  A child prodigy signed to a label at 14.  He is the nicest guy and incredibly humble.  He just loves the music. 

Kweller has been living in Austin for the past four months and his new music reflects it.  There is a country sound to his new stuff yet as always the Ben piano
lyrics are catchy.  He continues to grow in different directions which is another reason I Ben kids
have continued to listen and continue to enjoy Kwellers music at every turn.  As a family, he is probably hands down one of our constant faves. 

We were lucky discover that we had a one degree of connection to Ben and got to go in the back and hang out with Ben and his kid ( a serious child prodigy who can play drums and 
was figuring out the piano on stage later ).  Kweller is so sweet that I wasn't sure who was more excited about hanging out – him or us. 

A fantastic night from the music, the crowd and the post hang.  I just love Ben Kweller.