Boy’s Life

Boy's Life is the first production I have seen this year from Second Stage Theater.  We (the whole family) has a subscription for the season so we all went together.  Josh's first year and first play at Second Stage.  Unfortunately this was probably my least favorite production that I have seen there over the past 3 years. 

The play is a remake last being shown 20 years ago.  3 college buddies who make their way into NYC.  We learn about their relationships with each other, women and sex.  A great group of actors and actresses. 

 I hated Jack who is played by Rhys Coiro.  His character is despicable with zero depth.  Peter Scanavino plays Don.  He is a terrific actor and I could at least understand his character.  Jason Biggs who plays Phil is the one character who is utterly lost.  As much as I wanted to like the play, I didn't.  I am not sure the audience did either.  There were minimal applause at the end. 

The best part, hands down was the set.  Mark Wendland designed the set and it is genius.  A variety of interlinking boxes that have different rooms in them that move around the stage during each part.  So clever.  The concept also played to the age of the characters. 

As we left and we were all discussing how we didn't like the play, Emily said that she left the play without getting anything out of it.  I liked that concept.  If you walk away feeling that there is no take away…the play wasn't that good.  I walked away feeling nothing except how brilliant the set design was.

 A thumbs down from all 5 of us.

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