Every year our kids HS has a minimester.  3 days that take a break from the regular school grind.  The options are varied and fun.  Each class is an intensive 3 day event.  For the 3 days, 8th graders participate so it gives them a glimpse of HS life and an opportunity to meet a variety of different kids.  On the last day, everyone presents what they did. 

Emily is learning about Jewish Russian immigration to NYC.  Today she is at Brighton Beach at a Russian restaurant and went to a Jewish museum and watched Fiddler on the Roof.   Jessica, on the other hand, decided to teach a class with her friend.  They are seniors and wanted to do something that they would both enjoy.  They decided on fall food.  Right up my alley.

On Wednesday morning, 15 kids (that is how many signed up for the class) went to the Greenmarket in Union Square to meet with Rick Field from Ricks Picks.  Afterward, they took a bus upstate to go apple picking.  Today, they baked.

Jessica offered up our kitchen and 15 kids showed up at 930 to begin.  Apple and pumpkin pies, apple muffins, apple butter, pumpkin bread, caramel apples, apple muffins, apple squash soup, apple crisp and applesauce.  A serious fest.  I was really impressed with the group.  A total community effort.  They also did a fantastic job cleaning.

I loved it.