Pure Dark

A new store just opened this morning in the neighborhood on the corner of west 10th and Bleeker called Pure Dark.  Pure dark as in dark chocolate only.

Chocolate bark mixed with dried blueberries, cranberries and other fruit, simply dark, covered beans and more.  The flavor is rich yet subtle and complete.  The taste comes through from beginning to end.

There is a chocolate bar and an area to lounge.  This is the first and only store.  Another store will soon be opening in Cleveland as in Ohio.  The owners must have ties there.

A nice addition to the neighborhood.  Lots of space for a chocolate shop.  Time will tell.  Based on the hats on the employees and look (also Cleveland as their next market) it appears to be a chain in the making.

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  1. ellen

    With all the wonderful restaurant reviews, food shops and at home recipes, I wonder why you are not a tubby. You must execise in your sleep.I love the simple exterior. of this one. Wish they opened one here but Boston doesn’t seem to be able to support many good cany stores. Most begin wonderfully. get lazy with product and eventually close. Does anyone know a store that actually has good candy in Boston metrowest and doesn’t just buy their product from the wholesale food show distributors?

  2. Fosterdeux

    I live in the building, and i believe this is only a pop-up shop here for 8 weeks or so.

  3. Mara

    What does ‘rich, yet subtle and complete’ mean? Why do you need ‘yet’? Is rich the opposite of ‘subtle and complete’?That’s an incredibly expensive place. Rent must be 20k/mo +. How much chocolate, and at what price, do they intend to sell in a constricting economy? I’ll have to stop in this place.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Some chocolate tastes burnt. This chocolate isn’t too intense but theflavor stays from beginning to end.

      1. LiLy

        Which chocolate did you think tasted burnt? I tasted almost everything they were sampling, and I thought it was pretty tasty…

        1. Gotham Gal

          Pure Dark was not burnt at all. I meant some chocolates taste burnt, theirsdid not.

  4. lori

    chain-in-the-making? not sure why but knowing that it is owned by Mars candy takes a bit of sweetness out of the taste…the label of my purchase lists it as “bittersweet chocolate” does that mean it is dark?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Mars? Wow. Very interesting.

  5. Niko

    Nice work on being the first to cover this place! I am sure the blogosphere will be all over it. Nice site too BTW.

  6. M

    $2.75 an ounce. Very reasonable. They will be there through the holidays at least

  7. gkorn

    owned by Mars? Can anyone verify this is true? When we asked the staff who owned the store, they told us “two guys from Brooklyn who make the chocolate”.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I can’t confirm the connection.

      1. gkorn

        what makes you think there is one….not a word on the web anywhere and nothing at all on the Mars site…..where did you hear this? Seems odd that a major multinational company would choose Bleeker and Cleveland, OH as the first two sites.

        1. Gotham Gal

          Agreed but someone posted on this post that information.

      2. gkorn

        btw, bitterseet chocolate is a sweetened form of dark chocolate that is sweetened with a chocoloate liquor (and no milk).

  8. Nina

    I was there yesterday and hear that its Mars owned as well and that the shop is there for 6 weeks (again as of yesterday) I hope it stays but doesnt turn into a circus like Max Brenners. That would make me sad. I love how attentive the employees are in this place, time was taken to show us around the shop and explain what each lil “bar” offered. It was a fun experience

  9. Jean

    this shop is affiliated with M&M Mars Chocolate Co.

  10. justjosef

    Its a pop up, and I think Mars is involved.

  11. chocoholic


    1. Gotham Gal

      Interesting. The place has been open now for some time, it must be backedby a large organization otherwise, they would have closed months ago. Waytoo much space for so little chocolate.

  12. norma

    I luvluvluv this place the chocolate is too deliscious to pass up ever & i’ve gotthe waistline to prove it. So don’t waste any time, this one’s a keeper.

  13. NICE GUY

    Very Nice Concept. Mars Inc. should be very happy.

  14. PD

    For all you chocolate lovers, Pure Dark is hiring managers and associates! Bring your resume to the store and ask to speak with a manager!