Return to I Sodi and Braeburn

BraeburnImage via WikipediaLast night Fred and I returned to I Sodi.  Got a seat at the bar.  The place was hopping.  I asked the bartender who the majority of people were….locals?  Lots of locals but a some from other areas of the city.  The food was really good just as it had been the first night we were there.  There is a nice vibe.  Really like this place.

Stopped by Braeburn on the way home to see a few friends who were checking it out.  The place was far from packed.  They had just finished dinner but I did manage to sneak a bite of their 3 desserts.  Tiny deep fried donuts with an apple cider dip.  The donuts were hard on the outside and fell apart on the inside.  Not very good.  The pumpkin cheese cake although nice presentation I found it to feel dry in your mouth.  The last was an apple something.  A small cup that appeared to have caramelized apples on the bottom that had so much whipped cream on top of it that it was impossible to get to the bottom without eating a serious amount of whipped cream.  Not a good sign that the place wasn't packed as it just opened last Friday and in NYC when the word gets out about a new place, people generally flock.  Also, as I said in my past post, way too expensive.  The cost for the 3 of them was $300.  Pretty high for a Monday night out. 

Time will tell for Braeburn but as for I Sodi, it appears that time has said that they will be around for a while. 

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