The Berkshires

We spent the weekend in the Berkshires, a bit north of Great Barrington.  Our friend celebrated his birthday by having all their friends come for the weekend.  People came from NYC, Chicago and Boston and probably a few other locations. 

The drive up was beautiful.  The leaves are changing.  Large rolling hills scattered with trees of orange, red and yellow.  Really breathtaking. 

This area of the world is like stepping back in time.  Quaint inns, lots of land, barns, cows and just an entire different way of daily living that I am used to.  My friends love it.  That is the beauty of seeing your friends in their own intimate setting surrounded by friends and family.  You learn more about them.  They love the barn, the hay, the green, biking and hiking, the American arts ( huge supporters of the American Craft Museum) and obviously the Berkshires.

Maybe it was growing up in the suburbs, maybe it was living in the suburbs for a brief time with children, maybe it is the feeling of being completely disconnected from my reality but as beautiful as the Berkshires are, it isn't for me.  Many people feel so relaxed when they get there, I feel anxious.  In the end, I guess that is what makes horse races or as my father used to say, that is why they make vanilla ice cream ( vs. chocolate ). 

Although being a part of a celebratory weekend that is someone's milestone was great…I am still working on relaxing in the woods. 

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  1. ellen

    Going from New York City to the Berkshires is like going from one extreme to another. I can take them for about 2 days. Our neighbor bought a home there, and I can’t figure out why except to enjoy Tanglewood. For me it the mountain isolation of not being within an hour of the ocean. I feel the same way in the Colorado mountains..We had to be in New York last week. I can’t be there for more than a week or two. I had my car in a garage for 3 days. When I was about to pick it up, a man from New Jersey was dropping his car off. Be fore the attendant took his car away, he put on black front and back bumper protectors. My heart sank. He said they always destroy the bumpers. I couldn’t find a place to park and lock like I can in Boston.For me it is the carelessness and the attitude of New york that gets to me, plus the taxis springs are always broken. Love N.Y. only in small doses.My ideal is to be 7minutes to the city ,but to have some breathing room.