The Ten Bells

A large glass of red wine contains about three...Image via WikipediaThe Ten Bells opened a few weeks ago on Broome Street right off of Orchard on the LES.  Opened and run by a 2 men from Paris.  At least there were 2 of them behind the bar last night and they appeared to be the owners.  A nice addition to the neighborhood.

Ten Bells is more of a wine bar.   A large wrap around bar fills the room and then a few high tables with stools make up for the other space.  Very communal.  A great vibe.  Good music, low lights and beaten up wooden seats.  Chalk boards hang on the walls with too many wines to count.  Also a variety of noshes and the announcement of a pig roast on Sunday nights. 

We had a smorgasbord of snacks.  I might have to give up red wine drinking though.  My sleep patterns are destroyed on red wine.  Alas because I do love it so.  We had a few cheeses that were served with toasted raisin bread coated in honey, duck pate (it wasn't exactly a pate) served in a glass container, grilled sliced chorizo, tuna tartare and salmon tartare.  Everything was tasty.  I always love going to a wine bar and just drinking and noshing.  One of my favorite activities. 

The Ten Bells is definitely a place where you could sit yourself down for hours, enjoy yourself, close your eyes and check out for awhile.  These days, that is very desirable. 

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  1. yanyan

    Hello Joanne. I’ve been reading your blog for long time. big fan of your life attitude! So glad you went to 10 bells. Actually, my boyfriend Oli, who works on couple of projects with Fred, is another owner behind Ten Bells. We always want to invite Fred and you there with David and Susan. Cheers!

  2. pm

    I am a new reader to both your blog and your husband’s. Enjoy them both for different reasons. His, for economic and business insights and yours because I can relate to it.I have children ages 12-24. We have a Jewish/Catholic thing going on too. I live in NJ and enjoy hearing your reports on NYC life. My son lives on Grand st. and now I will totally surprise him when I suggest a cozy sounding wine bar in his neighborhood. I think I may use your blog as a semi Cyrano, my son will never know how I come by my info regarding the lower east side!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Glad to be of help…enjoy.

  3. Endorphin

    In fact, I threw the BackstageGallery NYC launch event at The Ten Bells in June–a smashing success!