The Ten Bells

A large glass of red wine contains about three...Image via WikipediaThe Ten Bells opened a few weeks ago on Broome Street right off of Orchard on the LES.  Opened and run by a 2 men from Paris.  At least there were 2 of them behind the bar last night and they appeared to be the owners.  A nice addition to the neighborhood.

Ten Bells is more of a wine bar.   A large wrap around bar fills the room and then a few high tables with stools make up for the other space.  Very communal.  A great vibe.  Good music, low lights and beaten up wooden seats.  Chalk boards hang on the walls with too many wines to count.  Also a variety of noshes and the announcement of a pig roast on Sunday nights. 

We had a smorgasbord of snacks.  I might have to give up red wine drinking though.  My sleep patterns are destroyed on red wine.  Alas because I do love it so.  We had a few cheeses that were served with toasted raisin bread coated in honey, duck pate (it wasn't exactly a pate) served in a glass container, grilled sliced chorizo, tuna tartare and salmon tartare.  Everything was tasty.  I always love going to a wine bar and just drinking and noshing.  One of my favorite activities. 

The Ten Bells is definitely a place where you could sit yourself down for hours, enjoy yourself, close your eyes and check out for awhile.  These days, that is very desirable. 

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