Bowery Hotel

Of course, I realize that New York City is a 24 hour town but sometimes I forget.  When we are home, having dinner and getting into bed early to just read a book, you forget that the city is rocking outside your door step.

Last night, after our friends kids Bar Mitzvah party, we went back to the Bowery Hotel with some old friends who live in Toronto.  My friend reminded me that we have known each other 25 years.  Wow.  I adore him and his wife.  If they lived in our town, we'd probably be really tight and see them often but it is a rare treat when we do connect. 

We went back to the hotel and who knew, the place was hopping.  My brother stays at the Bowery when he comes into town and likes it.  I recommended the place to our friends since they had their 16 year old with them and his friend.  They loved it.  Perfect location.  Also, the buzz in the lobby is a glimpse of the day to day world of NYC on the LES. 

After a round of drinks and some late night pizzas, we left around 1ish.  Place was definitely going to continue for hours to come.  Reminds me of a story that Fred tells.  When we moved back to NYC after our jaunt in suburbia, we stayed at the Mercer Hotel for six weeks.  Every morning, Fred would get up around 5ish and go down to the lobby to work.  One morning about 6am, just as Fred was getting into his groove, Puff Daddy walked in with his entourage.  Fred looked up and thought, these guys are coming in from their day/night and I am just starting off my day.  I am such a loser.  We always get a good chuckle out of this story but honestly, that is one of the best things about NYC.  Last night, we were out in the world that rocks until all hours of the night.  Fun but still need to be in bed by 130ish because that was all we could we take. 

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