Culture Day

For years, the day after school ended, I would take the kids for a day of culture.  Still do.  Basically hitting up the museums in NYC or the galleries.  As the years progressed, not only did everyone look forward to it, they now seek out their own culture which is awesome. 

Josh made a plan with his friend Julian to do their own day of culture with me.  I was seriously touched.  Julian's Dad came along with us and we went to see the Philippe de Montebello exhibit at the Met and the Van Gogh at the Moma.  Afterward, we had a little time to kill and stopped in a church on 5th Avenue that was having an organ recital.  It was not planned but it did kill some time at the end of our long day of culture and was sort of enjoyable just to chill. 

The key here was where we were going to have dinner.  Julian writes a food blog.  He wanted to write about our meal.  We were originally going to go to Yasuda but that happens to be closed on Sunday night.  So, instead, Josh and I chose Stanton Social because it is communal and we thought Julian would enjoy all the different tastes.  Fred and Alison ( Julian's Mom ) met us for dinner. 

It was really a nice day and seeing the exhibits again through the boys eyes is always a treat.  Julian just posted his review on Stanton which is absolutely worth the read.  Here is the post.

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    1. Gotham Gal

      Fixed it.

  2. rachel

    So great GG. Reminds me of the fabulous article I’m sure you read in the NYT this week:…love how they both “get it” at such a young age and are so interested in really good food!