Momofuku has a new private room

Friday night, we went to a party that was held at the latest extension of David Chang's empire, the Momofuku private room.  The room is behind Momofuku on 2nd Avenue down 13th and is connected to the original.  There is a separate kitchen area and the room will be bakery during the day.  Flexibility all around.  Can also be a holding ground for the lines that Momofuku experiences nightly when the room isn't being used for a private affair.

The space is great and fits about 35 people.  The food is the same that is available at Momofuku.  The bo ssam is alive and well.  Truly one of the most incredible dishes, ever.  The majority of people at the party had never been to Momofuku before ( poor souls ) and they could not stop raving about the food.  How could you not?

The bakery is a sweet addition.  No pun intended. There is a Tim
soft-serve machine in this room.  We had four different flavors.  Chocolate, snicker-doodle, grapefruit and pistachio.  Intense and rich.  The most memorable cookie was the blueberry.  Tiny pieces of dried blueberries in a oaty chewy cookie.  Wow.

Besides the room being a great addition and the food out of this world, the people are the nicest.  Chef Tim, who is pictured here, worked with my friend planning the event.  He is a sweetheart.  He was just as excited about the new space and the parties success as she was.  He gave us all a huge hug at the end of the event. 

A wonderful addition to NYC…and my gut tells me that this place is absolutely recession proof.

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  1. rachel

    I’m so jealous!! What fun!

  2. Danny Moon

    That is fantastic. I feel like the back area has been under construction for a while. Nice to see that is being opened up and has some new treats.Agree the bo ssam is great but you should try it at Gahm Mi Oak in K town. More traditional Korean and a little lighter on the pocket book.