Season’s Greetings

My father has a saying, "that's why they make vanilla ice cream".  Essentially the same as, that's why they have horse races.  Everyone makes different choices, everyone has different tastes, everyone is just different.  Certainly it is much more entertaining to go somewhere when everyone has the same sensibility as it is fun to dish, laugh or be awed together. 

A friend of mine, who has reinvented herself a variety of times, is currently producing an off-off Broadway show in NYC.  Super smart and decided about 12 years ago that it was theatre she was after.  She started down a new path.  I love that.  She has really enjoyed it and has learned an incredible amount.

We went to see her latest undertaking, Season's Greetings which is playing on the UWS for a very short run.  The director, asked her to get involved and help produce the show.  The show that the Director chose to do ( and financially back ) is a play called Season's Greetings written by Alan Ayckbourn

The question I ask is why did the Director choose this play?  It is ridiculously long, British humor and not that inspiring.  Obviously the Director thought it was a good choice because that must be which why she chose it and financially backed it.

I think there should be a law.  Anything off-off Broadway can not have a running time of more than one and half hours.  Here, this would be not be the case.  The play is based on a dysfunctional family getting together for the holidays.  You get to know the characters and their interactions with each other.  Each have a different relationship but all together they seem like a truly unhappy or ignorant bunch. 

There are certainly some good actors and some not so good actors but I just can't understand why out of all the incredibly interesting plays written around the world why the Director chose this play.  It isn't that interesting. Perhaps it is interesting in Britain because the humor is definitely English humor (duh) but why put up that kind of money for something that is a losing proposition the second you open the door? 

I am thrilled for my friend to have the opportunity to produce this play ( and not put a dime up ) and work in NYC.  She did a great job.  Yet, as I sat through the play, all I could think of is what my father says, "that is why they make vanilla ice cream".  For me, I would have definitely picked another flavor. 

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  1. ellen

    My Dad used to say that is why Baskin and Robbins has so many flavors.Reminds me when one of my stepsons was young and worked in theater. The Huntington Hartford theater put on “Duck Huniting.” It was so long I was beginning to cry in my seat., Of course, we went to support him, but if I knew that he was only in the first and last act, I might have gone outside to get a breathe of fresh air. I will never forget it. My father-in-law had come, and he was seating 6 rows behind and i swear I could hear him snoring. Although it was a fine performance, it was just too long.At my age I can do most things intensely for 3 hours and that’s it. Auction viewing, lectures etc except maybe shopping.. There is no limit for that.