the sexual neuroses of our parents

 One of the things I love about NYC is the people you meet and how I am no longer surprised that there is barely a one degree connection.  I also love when you go to something, like we did last night, an off-off-Broadway play, and you realize how many of these events are going on every night around town. 

Melanie Sylvan, who is the Executive Producer, of Electric Pear Production, we know because she worked and is working with our kids preparing them for their bar/bat mitzvahs.  Melanie has really made an interesting career for herself.  Like many NYers who find a variety of ways to support themselves while working towards or at the thing that they really want to do part time until it can eventually be a full time gig.  That is exactly what Melanie is doing.  It is great to see.

We went to see the production that is now being performed in the East Village through November 22nd.  The space is fantastic.  I didn't even realize it existed.  A tiny theater, maybe 60 seats.  Modern.  The size makes it intimate and gives the Director some creativity in using the steps by spreading out the stage.

The play is called The Sexual Neuroses of our Parents.  This particular play was put on in London before coming to the US where it was quite a hit.  It is a story of a young girl who has been on tranquilizers for 10 years and her mother has her stop using them.  What emerges is a young woman who is now having a sexual awakening with absolutely no road map.  Some lines were laugh out loud while others made you uncomfortable.

The acting is quite good.  I am not sure I loved the content of the play but it was really well done and the audience really seemed to enjoy it.  Impressive production.  Looking forward to seeing other plays put on by Electric Pear Production. 

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  1. marshal sandler

    Interesting At 72 years old I can remember when- Bar Mitzvah Preperation was getting hit in the head by a mean older Rabbi with a big ruler ! He said ,Don’t get skiddish just speak Yiddish and learn, today this guy would be chased by an Attorney in a green leisure suit !

  2. Scott

    That’s interesting. Haha, I love edgy plays. It may be a dumb question, but have you seen equus in theatre yet? http://www.equusonbroadway.comI'm really not into shows/plays; however, after phantom of the opera and equus, I’m a fan.Also, I’m a new reader of this blog, but I think it’s really cool — a refresher from all the tech/vc stuff I read all day.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks. I did see Equus. The best part is really being able to say that you saw Daniel Radcliffe in his first Broadway peformance. Btw, The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents stars Meryl Streeps daughter who is also having her first Broadway performance and she is quite good.joanne [email protected]