William Eggleston

I previewed the William Eggleston at the Whitney today.  I belong so I got the opportunity, as all members do, to see the show before it opens.  I was there with maybe 8 other people which is a serious treat.  The exhibit is fantastic.  A real gem.

The angles, the colors and the documentation of an America that no longer exists is really a total wow.  This exhibit is a retrospective of Eggleston's life.  He has defined color photography.  His photos are so breathtaking that even a group of clouds or a street or a refrigerator filled with frozen food looks beautiful.  These days everyone has a digital camera in their hip pocket and seeing Eggleston's work reminded me that there are very few people who can make film look as he has.  Any aspiringEggleston_memphis
photographer should go see the show.  It really made me think about photography in a different light.

The Calder exhibit is upstairs right now but I was so elated with what I had just seen, I didn't want to shift moods.  I will be back for Calder.

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  1. CCjudy

    I saw Eggleston show in SF MOMA a few years ago and I dont know if its the same – I got the book Los Alamos that he signed and also he signed postcard of a wonderful thanksgiving meal photo – he is a very interesting man who was way ahead of his time in an era when color photography was not valued Judy

    1. Gotham Gal

      Same exhibit. That is very cool that you met him. Love that.

      1. CCjudy

        It was a few years ago and he was not young and not the least big affected by his talent or his fame J