Air Travel in Europe

{{de|Vorfeld des Flughafen Münchens}}Image via WikipediaThere was an interesting editorial today in the Herald Tribune about air travel in the US.  How years ago the airlines in the US took pride in their work.  Now, nobody seems to give a shit.  If the flight is canceled and you can't get out for a few days, there is no interest in empathizing with you or a true desire to help.  Also, the airports are old.  It can't be more apparent flying back from Europe and landing in JFK.

In Europe, it is the opposite.  Their flights are on time.  If they are running late, they are helpful and caring.  The security is efficient too. The Munich airport is high tech state of the art.  They actually have a free coffee bar at the gates.  Can you imagine…and it is clean!

Maybe everything went south when Reagan deregulated the airline industry.  European airlines are for the most part financially supported by their country.  There is something to be said for that.  Instead of bailing out the next industry of the day in the US perhaps we need to learn from our mistakes.  Wouldn't it make more sense for our country to spend money on transportation ( new airports, trains, roads, bicycles ) and make sure they run efficiently and stay up-to-date with small subsidies from the Government instead of waiting for the businesses to go down the toilet.  Then they come to the Government and ask for a bailout without having to make any changes in the way they run their companies because the Government has no stake in their management just in making sure that they don't completely go belly up and ruin the entire economy.

I am not a fan of Government run companies but it it comes to businesses that support the infrastructure of the country such as transportation, there should be some thought given to the future of airports, airlines and how behind the times the private sector has allowed us to get.  Or maybe we are watching America just becoming old, fat and gray.

As George Bush said thinking aloud recently, certainly frightening coming from his mouth, "how did we get here"?  Good question George.  Perhaps you should spend sometime thinking about that instead of praising your last 8 years as the rest of the country breathes a sigh of relief when you leave the White House.  I have high hopes that Obama and his team will take a look at how and why and think about not repeating our mistakes. 

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