Allard in Paris

Going to Paris for less than 36 hours is a whirlwind.  Yesterday Fred and I strolled through some of our favorite spots, well maybe mine and his. 

In Paris, clothing only goes on sale twice a year.  The big Soldes signs do not enter the windows until January 2nd.  Good new for us is that we will be back in Paris at that time.  Bad news for the stores right now because they are empty.  Since everything in NYC is 40% off and more, it doesn't make sense to buy but looking is always good.  I stopped by Colette which is always worth a peek.  We also walked around Palais Royale and stopped in Rick Owens where theyPalai
were happy to make a deal with me.  They were a tad freaked out about business as we talked about what was going on in the retail industry in NYC. 

Fred and I jumped on the Metro and made our way over to the Pompidou.  We went up to George for aGeorge
quick bite and some coffee.  I forgot that quick bite is not possible in Paris so we have to race through the museum.  The views are so beautiful at George and I believe this is the first time I have ever eaten there indoors.  After coffee we walked quickly through the new exhibit because it lasts until January 26th and we will be back before it closes.  Also, Fred had to jump on a call.

Our plans weren't firm for last night so we made a quick shift and decided to go to Allard for dinner.  Allard is a classic old time bistro on the left bank.  A bit bright in there for my taste but the food is good and the place is always packed.  We had oysters and split a whole roast chicken.  The Brest chickens are delicious.  Not sure why they are different than any other chicken but they are.  We always bought them this summer. Served with crispy roasted potatoes cooked under the chicken can't be beat.  As much as the cheese plate was tempting, we passed.  Perhaps tomorrow night?

Tomorrow, is the last day.  Only 2 days this time around.  Spending the day by myself wandering my favorite streets.  I so love Paris.

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  1. Gotham Gal

    Did see the Pompidou. Was in a rush. Great exhibit. Plan on returning with the kids. Thanks Ellen.joanne [email protected]

  2. ellen

    Were you able to see the exhibit at all at the Pompidou? Heard it was very good.Back in New York at the Museum of Arts and Design there seems to be an interesting exhibit. I have seen some pictures and am inspired to try to copy “Loveseat” by Willie Cole or maybe just make a chair from my shoe closet..Glad that you changed your vacation plans. I am sure your Mother wouldn’t have wanted you to go to India either.