Atelier Joel de Robuchon Paris

We got into Paris this afternoon.  How we love Paris.  We started the night out at our favorite restaurant of last summer, Atelier Joel de Robuchon.  Unfortunately for me, I am feeling a little under the weather but the food here is so spectacular that you can never go wrong. 

Everyone ordered something different.  I really enjoyed watching the people next to me eat their way through the tasting menu.  Small portions with exquisite combinations.  I am not going to go through what everyone ate because I am exhausted but I will highlight 2 things.  Fred had pounded raw scallops with dollops of fresh sea urchin which was pretty spectacular.  I went with 
the chicken.  It was actually capon.  Crispy skin and juicy piece of the breast with the wing attacked.  Then a slice of toasted baguette and pan fried fois gras over the top with a little sprig of rosemary stuck in it.  Layed across the middle were cold pieces of romaine salad that had been shaken with a light vinaigrette over it.  You didn't see the vinaigrette until you cut into it.  Then around the side of the plate was crispy small buttery potatoes with lots of peppers.  Beautiful and delicious.  I took a picture of that.

Then, we strolled home past the Louvre and watched the ferris wheel rotate with its blinding lights.  We also saw Karl Lagerfeld drive by us in his hummer which sent Jessica into a tizzy.  Couldn't get better than that. 

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Comments (Archived):

  1. ryan poll

    Reading your blog is starting to be better than reality TV! And to quote Anthony Bourdain, your photo is “food porn!” I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Seattle having my morning coffee and already want to eat that chicken. It seriously sounds amazing, seriously.

  2. bfeld

    I am sooooo jealous. This is one of our top three restaurants in Paris. Amy and I rented an apartment across the street for a month several years ago and went a couple of times on short notice. Yummmy.