Back, back, back

I hate to say it but MTC has been really disappointing this year.  I went to see Back, Back, Back last night with my friend.  Neither of us loved it.  Although she asked a few people what they thought after the show.  The answer came back that it was better than the other stuff they saw these days.  Made us both laugh.

The play is about baseball.  It starts out in the early 80's when the 3 men are young, fresh and full of promise.  Over the course of their lives, they get traded, they get old and they do steroids.  Eventually, two of them end up getting ready to testify in Congress based on a book one of them wrote.  I remember those trials.  I also remember thinking our country is at war in Iraq, our Government is a mess and Congress is focusing on steroid use.  Who cares? 

Steroid use has definitely enhanced the game.  Would the fans still turn out for games when the players were not able to perform at the level they are on steroids?  I am not promoting steroid use at all.  I believe it should be banned and players that use steroids should not be able to play because the drugs create an unfair advantage – also fucks up your body.  You have to wonder is there pressure coming from the owners to enhance performance through steroids or they trade you. 

Regardless, I found the play shallow.  The actors didn't connect.  Maybe they weren't supposed to.  Maybe the play was supposed to show how life in Professional Baseball is shallow, lonely and a slow ride down hill.  All I can say, is I am glad it was only 90 minutes because if there was an intermission, I wouldn't have returned for the second half.