Bebels, Milan

My friend, who grew up in Milan and has family still living here, gave me Bebel as a recommendation for dinner.  Perfect antidote to last night. 

Bebel is a neighborhood haunt.  The scene is fantastic.  It reminded me of Gino's on the Upper East Side that we used to go to 25 years ago when our friend's cousin ate there frequently.  The owner tells you what to get that day and he knows the entire crowd.  Chic upper East Siders in Milan….with dogs and fur.  Classic.

We began with a shaved artichoke salad mixed with Parmesan cheese, a margarita pizza, prosciutto on top of pizza crust ( simple with no sauce ) and a mozzarella ball, literally.  A ball in a bowl.  No ambiance just good old home made mozzarella.  Quite funny actually. 

We then all did fish.  They had a big brick oven in the front where they make everything.  Josh and Jess went with grilled calamari and Fred, Emily and I split 3 grilled fishes (John Dory, monkfish and dorado) and some grilled calamari.  Simple and delicious.  A little olive oil, some salt and good to go.

All and all a great meal.  We felt like we saw the real Milan.  A neighborhood haunt with good food and a friendly owner.  Can't be beat.    (the picture is from inside the Duomo this afternoon)

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  1. Marjorie

    Ate at Bebels a few months ago, loved it too, especially the shaved artichokes. Have you checked out the top floor at the Rinascemente across from the Duomo? Seems to be modeled after the 5th floor at Harvey Nichols. I’m a long time reader and fellow NYer, just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your great blog and to wish you a wonderful New Year.Best,Marjorie

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks Marjorie….a wonderful to new year to you too!