Borchardt, Berlin

Borchardt was on every list for places to eat in Berlin.  Fred said he thought it would be like the Balthazar of Berlin.  He was spot on.

We went after the ballet last night.  The menus the last few days have been limited due to Christmas but we did all manage to order off the a la carte menu.  We weren't prepared for another 5 course meal.  Ugh.

Fred and I began with oysters which were from Brittany.  Delicious, briny, plump and tasty.  Jess has a simple tomato salad, Em went with a plate of brussel sprouts and Josh had the raw tuna plate.  The girls went with the raw tuna plate for their main courses.  Pieces of raw marinated tuna with a wasabi vinaigrette and chopped avocado and a small fried ginger cookie in the middle.  Quite good and not what I'd expect in Germany.  Josh, Fred and I went with the Weiner Schnitzel.  You could either get the mans size portion or the ladies size portion.  Josh went with the man size and Fred and I opted for the smaller option.  Fred got major ribbing from the kids over ordering the ladies plate. 

Pounded veal, deep fried and served over a warm potato salad loaded with bacon.  The potato salad was not my thing but the schnitzel was really delicious.  A traditional entree which you have to do at least once when in Berlin.

Definitely a place to go to either for lunch, dinner or a drink when in Berlin. 

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  1. Gotham Gal

    Love that!

  2. Timo Heuer

    Did you know even Barack Obama ate there?Have fun in Berlin!