Der Nussknacker.

Last night, on Christmas, we went to see the Nutcracker at the German Opera House.

The building is modern and with little fanfare. Totally works. One of the things they do there, which is genius and I wish they would do in NYC, is there is a huge coat check.  A coat check that is large enough – I believe 16 stations in all – to make sure that everybody checks their coat.  How civilized.  Another nicety is that at intermission,  you can buy beautiful appetizers.  Salmon, prosciutto, on toast etc.   Not candy bars wrapped up.  Also, real glasses to drink out of.  Even at the Xmas market yesterday, everything is served on real plates.  You pay an extra fee and get it back when you return your dish or class.  Love that. 

I grew up listening to and playing classical music, so I know Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite which is an added bonus.  Enjoying the music is the best part.  The production didn't tell the story as well as other productions I have seen of the Nutcracker but the dancing was beautiful.  Some of the costumes were magnificent.  Jessica thought it was beautiful, Emily appreciated the experience as did Josh.  Josh had never been to the ballet.  Everyone was blown away by the sheer physical stature of the dancers.  You can't not be.

As a whole, I am not really a fan of ballet.  Have tried.  Appreciate the beauty but the art doesn't rock my world.  Regardless, The Nutcracker was the perfect thing to see on Xmas.  The funniest thing about the entire evening is the end.  As a family, we have been to so many live events that we know how to exit the place.  Once everyone started to stand up for the many bravos that were about to take place, we beelined it out to get our coats before everyone came, ran out the door and grabbed the first cab over to dinner.  It was almost instinctual. 

You can take the family out of NYC but you can't take NYC out of the family. 

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